New Backup System Now In Use

Hello everyone,

We wanted to let you all know that we now have new, redundant backup systems in place here at CleverHost! It’s a two-tier system that works like this:

  • Daily, full server backups taken right at the data centre.
    • If there is ever a problem with the server that leads to a lot of data loss across accounts, or even the host node for the cloud VPS encounters problems, these are the backups we’ll restore to get the server back up and running within two hours.
  • Individual account backups taken three days per week.
    • We have installed JetBackup on Alia, Chani, and Paul. They all backup to a new backup server called Atreides in a separate data centre, well over 1,000 km away.
    • These backups only take about 30 minutes to complete, much quicker than cPanel’s native backup system which was taking roughly 12 hours to complete.
    • CleverHost customers also have new options in cPanel, allowing you to perform restores on your own! This will let you grab previous versions of files you have overwritten or deleted.
    • For now, we’re keeping the most recent two backups. If all goes well, we will extend this to the most recent three or four.

Here is a video overview of how to access JetBackup’s features in cPanel:

What else is coming up?

Lots of things! Here’s a quick list of enhancements and improvements we’re working on this spring and summer:

  • We’ll be moving Chani to the new cloud infrastructure, and splitting it into two servers as well (Leto and Chani). This will help us consolidate to a single data centre, which will make our infrastructure easier to manage. If you’re hosted on Chani now, expect a notification in the new few weeks.
  • Install KernelCare to keep the OS kernel up-to-date without having to reboot the server.
  • Install the RKHunter WHM/cPanel plugin to provide automated rootkit checks, enhancing security.
  • Test, and maybe deploy, Google BBR. BBR is a congestion control algorithm that can get significantly increase throughput, and reduce latency, for connections.
  • Enhance our relationship with Cloudflare by enabling their Railgun feature.
  • Research, test, and deploy either UpGuard or Imunify360. They are slightly different products, but both provide enhanced security and automation capabilities.
  • And, of course, wherever we find opportunities to improve performance, we will work to implement them.

If you have any feedback, we would be happy to hear it! And we thank you for choosing CleverHost.