CleverHost Acquires Ball Media’s Hosting Assets

November 23, 2015 (Komoka, Canada) – CleverHost, a web hosting company based in the London, Ontario area, has successfully acquired the web hosting customers of Ball Media, Inc. of Brantford, Ontario. CleverHost now offers shared web hosting services to hundreds of customers across Canada. Its purchase of Ball Media’s web hosting service and customers strengthens its position as a growing technology firm in southwestern Ontario, and lays the groundwork for additional growth.

CleverHost specializes in website hosting, making it easy for professionals and small businesses to get their websites online and obtain a reliable email service. “What CleverHost has always tried to do is drive value for its customers. Great services at inexpensive prices, making SSL certificates and website malware protection easy to obtain and implement, and generally just being here for our customers. Answering their questions with the right answers the first time, and giving them the knowledge they need when they need it,” says Derek Silva, owner of CleverHost. “When customers feel empowered, they keep coming back to you and tell their friends and colleages about you. The best to get advertising is to be great at what you do.”

CleverHost is completing the migration of all Ball Media web hosting customers over the next week, and will then be providing Ball Media with a new web development environment. Derek Silva explained, “Our partnership with Ball Media is strong and beneficial for both companies. We look forward to working closely with John Ball and his team. We will continue to grow alongside them, and we’re also on the lookout for additional acquisitions in the future.”

Over the past two years CleverHost has developed a reputation for providing high uptime, highly performing services to its customer base and will continue to do so for the newly acquired customers. Existing CleverHost customers will benefit from additional investments made to CleverHost’s web hosting infrastructure including additional servers brought online, enhancements made to the new servers that will be brought to existing servers previously in place, and a higher capacity to invest the time required to make additional configuration changes to keep the infrastructure performing well.