Why I’m Not Buying an Apple Watch

This blog entry is by Derek Silva, one of the executives here at CleverHost. He owns an iPod touch, iPhone 4s, iPad Air, and an iPad mini 2. He is planning on replacing his Dell desktop PC with a MacBook Pro after the next hardware refresh.

I really like Apple devices and operating systems, especially iOS. No, they’re not perfect, but they work really well and I have yet to encounter any serious limitations with any Apple product I have ever owned. iOS and OS X have their idiosyncrasies, like any piece of software, but they are overcome quite easily. The hardware quality is second to none, and my iPad mini 2 is easily my favourite piece of technology I’ve ever owned!

However, I will not be buying an Apple Watch. I watched the keynote where it was announced, and then the keynote when the launch date and pricing were unveiled. I was left severely underwhelmed. If you want specific reasons as to why I’m avoiding this product, here are a few:

  • It cannot do anything important that many, many other devices on the market already do; sharing my heartbeat with another Apple Watch owner is not an important feature
  • For what it is, CAD$449 is incredibly expensive; I’d much rather purchase the latest Pebble or Basis Peak for roughly half the price
  • The battery life is atrocious; I should not have to worry about plugging my watch in at the end of each work day, especially since I have already used up all the outlets behind my nightstand to charge my iPhone and power my lamp
  • I don’t like the interface; zooming in and out of apps using the crown, to me, seems tedious
  • On principle, I am not booking an appointment in order to try on and buy a watch, even if it costs the same as a Rolex
  • Lastly, I cannot think of a single business app that would be more useful to me on my watch than on my iPhone or iPad

Now, that all said, it sounds like they’re already selling like hotcakes. Good for Apple! That’s fine with me. But if you’re on the fence about whether or not to buy an Apple Watch, I would take a good, long look at the other options available before making any decisions. Smart watches are probably here to stay, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the market unfolds over the next few years, but I’m not jumping in just yet. Right now I’m really interested to see what the second generation device from Basis looks like, and what other features it will include.

Have you pre-ordered an Apple Watch? If so, why? If not, do you have a reason for staying away other than the ones I outlined above? Let me know in the comments!

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