New integration: MarketGoo

marketgoo-blueHi there!

We have just introduced MarketGoo, a new service designed to help you succeed with website marketing.¬†You will find MarketGoo in your cPanel account under the “Website Marketing Tools” section.

So, what is MarketGoo? MarketGoo scans your website, then allows you to improve your website marketing by optimizing your search engine optimization (SEO)/organic search results, link building efforts, social media, and competitive benchmarking.

With MarketGoo’s SEO tools, you will be able to submit your site to Google, and optimize your website to rank in first position for the keywords that are relevant to your business. You will be able to achieve this thanks to MarketGoo’s technology which crawls your website and generates a series of personalized tasks which will help you achieve your objectives.

With MarketGoo’s link building tools, your website will start to receive more qualified visits from websites that are relevant to your business.

Its social media tools will help you understand where your customers are talking about your brand online, and how to increase your presence and effectiveness of your inbound marketing. This alone is worth trying out, because it’s one of the most important factors of keeping your brand’s reputation intact.

To measure the effectiveness of your actions, a complete suite of analytics and competitor benchmarking will help you understand your improvements in a visual and simple way.


To get started, log into your cPanel account and click any of the buttons within the “Website Marketing Tools” section! It’s super easy, and the people at MarketGoo have built a very clever solution. We’re using it here at CleverHost and are already starting to see the results.

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