Trying To Do Some Good

Hi everyone,

We must admit this is a bit of a “toot your own horn” moment, but what we really want to highlight here is how easy it is for a local business to do some good in the community.

Recently we came into possession of an older computer. It was new enough that it was still very usable with an older operating system, and hardware upgrades were still available. So we set to work refurbishing this old beast, and making sure it contributed to society somehow. We decided that this machine would go to the Women’s Rural Resource Centre in Strathroy, Ontario. We got in touch with a volunteer we know personally, Cheryl Wituik, and asked her if the WRRC’s support recipients could use the computer to find jobs, look at photos of their kids, etc. Cheryl got in touch with WRRC and got back a resounding, “Yes!”

At this time we also asked Cheryl whether the WRRC’s support recipients could also use some flash drives to help carrying around things like resumes, photos, etc. Again, the answer was, “Yes,” and that the staff would also find them very handy. We had our mission! Therefore we:

  • Cleaned out the inside with a can of compressed air
  • Wiped down the outside, then cleaned the monitor, keyboard, speakers, and mouse as best we could
  • Installed free software like LibreOffice, Google Chrome, Comodo Antivirus, and VLC Media Player
  • Bought eight 4GB USB flash drives with the help of Cheryl Wituik (she purchased four)

Last Sunday we dropped off the machine to a very happy WRRC worker. We’re hoping to hear soon about how the computer’s been received, how the support recipients are using it, and hoping that good things will come of having additional access to technology. And it only cost CleverHost $35! Sometimes it’s just that easy to help out; a bit of time and the cost of a 2-4.

How is your business contributing back to the community?

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