Load Impact Test 001 Results

Test001-Chicago-Portland-Aug122013Hello everyone! We hope you are having an awesome day, and will enjoy what we have to tell you about today.

So, recently a WordPress support company called WP Site Care began running a battery of tests against some very big, popular web hosting firms including HostGator, GoDaddy, and Bluehost. That is formidable competition brand-wise, and generally they performed the way our customers, formerly customers of some of the big hosting companies, tell us they perform: a mixed bag of experiences, no doubt.

A few things we did differently:

  • Performance was measured from two different locations: Portland, OR, USA and Chicago, IL, USA.
  • WP Site Care used the same site across all of their tests. We used our own live website. We feel this accounts for a lot of the differences given the number of images we use compared with WP Site Care’s bare bones test site.
  • WP Site Care is using a .ME domain, we’re using a .CA. That may not mean much on the surface, but it does mean a lot as the DNS lookups are happening to two different domain operators’ root DNS servers.

Overall, we’re actually quite pleased with how things went (see image to the right)! A few things went very, very well especially compared to some of the big boys, like:

  • The server never stopped responding (unlike some of the tests WP Site Care ran).
  • The quickest and longest times were only a few seconds apart (again, unlike some of the results seen by WP Site Care).

So, what next? Ideally WP Site Care would include us in their tests going forward (they have plans to include more large, shared hosts and some WordPress specific hosts as well). Seeing as we’re still a very small company though, we’re not holding our breath (and don’t blame WP Site Care!). What we are most certainly going to do is:

  • Review our PHP configuration to see what we can improve upon. We already made a few small changes last night that should help improve performance.
  • Purchase a .ME domain and set up the new Twenty Thirteen default template, as well as the same posts and pages WP Site Care set up on their test domain.
  • Continue testing and improving to see if we can come close to Site5’s performance in the tests! MediaTemple really isn’t a fair comparison as they charge 3x more than we do and have a very different infrastructure.

If you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them. In the meantime, you can view the full public results of our first Load Impact test here.

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