CleverHost’s 2017 in Review

2017 will definitely go down as a great year for CleverHost. We explored many opportunities for expansion and enhancing our services, and made sure to spend our time only on those that made sense for us and our customers. Let’s take a quick look at what we accomplished last year!

New Website, New Blog

We launched a brand new website with a fresh design that is still serving us well. We have only had to make a few small changes in order to ensure it performs well for us, and gives both prospective and current customers what they need. All of our web traffic is now encrypted by default, regardless of whether we’re asking someone for their information or not. It’s better for you, for us, and the web as a whole.

New Backup Processes

After a server failure we’d rather not experience again, we briefly flirted with moving to an all-cloud computing infrastructure. This later proved to be a bad decision, but it did less us recover from that server failure as quickly as possible. Since then, we have invested in better backup infrastructure and software, which has allowed us to restore files and databases more easily, and provided customers with a self-serve interface to do the same. It’s a win-win situation in the end!

PHP Upgrades

We rebuilt our Apache and PHP configurations to bring PHP 7.0 and PHP 7.1 to everyone, while maintaining PHP 5.6 as the default for the time being. PHP 7.1 introduces fantastic performance upgrades wherever it can be used, so we highly recommend you load up the MultiPHP Manager and try switching your website to PHP 7.1. If it doesn’t work, you can have it back on PHP 7 or PHP 5.6 in a few clicks.

We also did a host of other things like brought free SSL certificates to all customers, domains, and subdomains, we upgraded the Starter plan to double the storage and traffic allowed, and introduced the latest HTTP/2 technology to help further secure customer websites, and increase performance on encrypted websites.

2018 is looking great for us so far, with a bunch of new customers coming on board. Our latest innovation has been to begin accepting multiple cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and others as payment! You can select one of 13 different cryptocurrencies when paying your invoice, allowing an even greater number of people to benefit from high quality, Canadian web hosting services. If you’d like to learn more about what we have in store for 2018, please read this great interview with Derek done by Laura Bernheim at about where we see CleverHost headed.